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Jiangxi big technology co., LTD. And yichun institute for strategic cooperation agreement

On the afternoon of April 21, 2015, yichun college and jiangxi great technology co., LTD. Held a strategic cooperation agreement in the conference room of the fourth floor of the office building. MAO xianhua, chairman of jiangxi great technology co., LTD., attended the ceremony. Jiangxi great technology co., LTD., vice general manager of Wu Jin party, school scientific bureau director rong-qing Chen, director of the institute of technology Yu Zhi nuclear, local development research center director Xia Yuchen attended the ceremony.

At the meeting, mei guangquan elaborated on the significance of the cooperation of the school enterprises. He pointed out that comply with the transformation of school development, and actively serve the local economic development, school and jiangxi big science and technology co., LTD., strategic agreement is signed, marks between the two sides in line with the "complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development" principle, taken a solid pace. MAO believed that the signing of the agreement will be able to conduct in-depth cooperation in personnel training, product testing, corporate culture and the declaration of engineering platforms.

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The director of the research department, Chen rongqing, and vice general manager wu jinfang of jiangxi daoqing technology co., LTD., respectively, signed the strategic agreement.