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Magnetic powder core _ non-crystalline magnetic core _ ferrosilicon alumina-jiangxi big technology .

On November 16, 2015, yichun college economics and management college young teachers liao jia ushered in a new week, because starting from this week, she is not only a school teacher, is a enterprise office worker. "In one sentence to summarize my current life is from school to school, after graduation, I came to the school teaching, has not worked in a unit which enterprise practice, starting from this week, I will study in enterprises, to apply their theoretical knowledge with practice, to think a little excited." "Liao jia told reporters.

Brainstorm and strategy

On November 12, yichun zhen-qin xiong, vice President of the institute of economics and management college and the hospital eight backbone teachers to yi chun city jiangxi great discussion technology co., LTD., strategic cooperation agreement, the strategic cooperation to complement each other in both theory and practice, the enterprise and college development.

Meeting, jiangxi science and technology greatly Mao Xianhua, general manager of the yichun college of economics and management college teachers, welcomed the arrival of hope that by learning theory of college teaching and research results make up for the oversight of the enterprise internal management, to improve the enterprise management mode. Zhen-qin xiong, vice President of the hospital has expressed the hope that through the enterprise's actual combat training, college teachers can better grasp the business front of practical experience, can combine theory teaching with the practice of the business, better for college students to teach knowledge, promoting the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of students.

Professional ability to rendezvous with the common education skill elite

Learned, jiangxi great science and technology co., LTD is mainly engaged in amorphous and nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy material and components production and development, they will be within the enterprise finance department, Marketing Department, qc department, operations and Marketing Department and college teachers' teaching direction relative to pick up, in you the teacher introduced his own education and internship experience, after news soufangwang department wants to strengthen and head of the enterprise by the direction of the reform, and issued a sincere invitation, to college teachers work together.

In order to deepen understanding, colleges and scientific research results, the demonstration of jiangxi great technology co., LTD. Is a line with the college teachers, head of the people to visit the room, etc.

The university-enterprise cooperation scheme fully relevant to the "innovation personnel training mode, booster profound cooperation" of the theme, in order to impel the transformation of school better development, optimize the structure of subjects, innovative talent training mechanism, promote the integration between production, further deepening the reform of innovative education, share resources of high quality education, to promote the connotation development of colleges and universities, improve teaching quality, the better for the industry development provide strong support. (reporter: jiang bobin liu yanhong)