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    Common Mode Choke Serialization Nanocrystalline Cores

    • ModelB23/B30/B35
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    Power supply, photovoltaic inverters, automotive, transformers, electric welder, wind power generation, ups, etc...

    1. Details

    Iron-based nanocrystalline materials

    Iron-based nanocrystalline alloy is composed of iron, silicon, boron and a small amount of copper, niobium, etc., with high permeability, high saturation flux density, low HC, low loss and good temperature stability, mainly used to replace silicon steel sheet, ferrite and permoalloy.


    Main parameters

    Saturation flux density Bs (T): 1.25T

    Crystallization temperature Tc(℃): 510℃

    Curie temperature Tc(℃): 570℃

    Density: 7.2g/cm3

    Hardness (HV): 880KG/mm2

    Resistivity: 110μΩ·cm

    Saturation magnetostriction : <2.0*10-6 


    Main application

    Application fields: New energy vehicles, solar + energy storage, smart grid, rail transit, industry control, server supply, communication power supply, pc power supply, precision instruments, etc

    Application products: Common mode chokes, transformers, current transformers, sensors, etc.     


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