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Development course

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★ In August 2001, Jiangxi Dayou Technology Co., Ltd. was registered as a joint-stock private enterprise.

★ In 2002, it's located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone (south plant).

★ In 2004, it's certified by ISO9000 quality management system for the first time.

★ In 2007, the company expanded and the north plant established in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone.

★ In 2007, the three management systems were demonstrated through quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and occupational safety and health (OHSAS18001).

★ It was identified as a high-tech enterprise in 2008;

★ In 2008, we invested in new materials co., LTD.

★ In 2010, the company established "the research center for the technology of amorphous nanocrystalline alloy in yichun city";

★ In 2011, the three management systems of quality (ISO9001), environment (ISO14001) and occupational safety and health (OHSAS18001) were demonstrated and approved in 2014.

★ The 2011 review was approved as a high-tech enterprise;

★ It was identified as "the first scientific and technological innovation enterprise in jiangxi province" in 2012;

★ The quality supervision bureau of jiangxi province was identified as "the quality credit AAA enterprise" in jiangxi province in 2013.

★ In 2014, it was first identified by jiangxi provincial small and medium enterprise bureau as "the new enterprise specialized in the new" enterprise.

★ In 2014, it was recognized by jiangxi provincial intellectual property office as the first batch of "demonstration of intellectual property rights" in the province.

★ In 2014, the review was identified as a high-tech enterprise;

★ In 2014, the company declared that "jiangxi anti-electromagnetic interference material and component engineering technology research center" was approved by the provincial science and technology department.

★ In 2014, the research center for the engineering and technology of anti-electromagnetic interference (EMI) in jiangxi province was established. The first batch of companies to identify the "specialty" enterprises;

★ In 2015, "jiangxi provincial energy conservation and emission reduction demonstration enterprise". He won the third prize in the science and technology of yichun city.

★ In 2016, we will set up "jiangxi-china magnetic science and technology cooperation innovation co., LTD.". He won the first prize in the scientific and technological progress of yichun city.

★ As a provincial enterprise technology center, it was assessed as a provincial enterprise technology center in 2016.

★ Future outlook (2017 -- 2022)

★ For the next three to five years, we will use the production and operation of non-crystalline and nanocrystalline high frequency magnetic cores in the electronic information field to become the leading enterprises in the domestic industry. Electronic devices account for over 50% of the company's total size; Nano montmorillonite, modification agent, modified plastic particle scale production.

★ In 3-5 years, we will expand the domestic market, foreign markets, and strive to achieve sales revenue of 250 million yuan.

★ For the next three to five years, we will seek the capital market financing.